San Diego Aloha Open
Summer in San Diego is when the beaches are packed, the sun is at its strongest, consciousness about skin protection is high, the days are long, sunsets turn the sky into masterpieces at night, and it is peak golf season. The California Open wasn’t only a fantastic event at Riverwalk Golf course and the Bahia Resort, but it was also the first opportunity to purchase our custom UV-50 Hawaiian Golf shirts along with the Hawaiian Sunday Crew hats. The generosity shown by the sponsors in Southern California was amazing and the sustainable progress we are making donation wise, as well as also being able to continue the distribution of knowledge about prevention is nothing short of astonishing.  Grateful to everyone who supported the California Aloha Open on June 17th where we were able to raise just over $5,000 for Melanoma Research and Awareness.  Since the event we have produced a few new shirt designs and have placed an order with our manufacture for delivery in August.  Please spread the word about our brand and mission to help every but together a strong sun protection plan.  We look forward to many more successful events in San Diego!