New England Aloha Open
What better time to have our first event to raise awareness than fall in New England! The air is getting crisp, leaves are starting to turn majestic colors, golfers are still hearing birdies chirping, and the sun is still strong enough to cause skin damage. We had an unbelievable showing of support during the New England Open from not only the golfers but also all of our sponsors. Alongside of the significant donation that was made, we brought out fight against melanoma to the forefront for everyone involved.  We are very grateful to everyone who supported the New England Aloha Open on September 16th where we were able to raise just over $10,000 for Melanoma Research and Awareness.  The event was hosted at Olde Scotland Links in Bridgwater Massachusetts.  We are looking forward to hosting another event in New England in the Spring of 2018.  Remember to protect yourself  each time you are on the links and make sure you spread the word as this will continue to help our movement.